Hohm Press

Pages: 28 pages
Size: Paperback/board, 8.5 X 6 inches
ISBN: 978-1-942493-12-9

This bilingual children’s picture book is the Board Book version of Hohm Press’s highly successful We Like to Nurse. A classic in the field, with over 300,000 books sold to date, this book draws attention to our kinship with all mammals, using simple text and showing delightful full-color illustrations of animal mothers naturally feeding their babies. The illustrations and text in We Like to Nurse focus on both exotic animals, like elephants and giraffes, as well as animals that children may see every day like cats and dogs. This book is a celebration of the mother-infant bond that is naturally established through nursing. Because of its commitment to family health and the well-being of infants and children, Hohm Press is proud to present this new user-friendly format for a title that stresses the benefits of human infant breastfeeding.

This book joins We Like to Nurse Too, and Ready to Wean, in our Family Health Series, along with other titles directed toward conscious parenting and education, like Free Range Learning and Conscious Parenting. The book also takes a stand for the health of the environment, honoring the Earth and all her creatures. We believe that introducing young children to the nursing habits of baby mammals can foster a love and concern that will grow to protection of the Earth we love.

We Like to Nurse (Bilingual Board Book)