Literal and Poetic Translations of Rumi

Hohm Press

Pages: 288 pages; Seconds only
Size: Clothbound, 7 X 10 inches
ISBN: 978-0-934252-46-1

Are you ready to read and hear what Rumi really said? It may surprise you. Shahram Shiva's unique four-fold translation method breaks Rumi out of the silence imposed by time, distance, and a foreign language.

Shiva first renders Rumi's poems in classic Persian calligraphy. Next, he brings the poems, still in Persian, from the Arabic to the English alphabet. In the third step of the process, Rumi's words are translated literally into English. Finally, Shiva offers his own poetic translations - still on one gorgeous page.

Readers can follow the translator's process, and jump in at any phase to make their own translations - translations which will be as authentic as anyone else's.

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Rending the Veil