A Handbook for Practitioners on Every Spiritual and/or Transformational Path, Volume III and IV

Hohm Press

Combined Pages: 1056 pages
Size: Cloth, 6 X 9 inches
Vol 3 ISBN: 978-1-890772-27-7, Vol 4 ISBN 978-1-890772-28-4

These four volumes represent thirty years of the teaching work of Western Baul Master, Lee Lozowick. Written by a group of students and devotees who have lived with the Master and practiced his teaching over many years, each chapters contains large excerpts from Lee's talks and seminars, with extensive commentary by practitioners. The four books cover topics of interest and necessity to all students of spirituality and transformation, starting with the basics: the need for transformation, connection to a lineage, the context of spiritual work and spiritual practice, and progressing to more esoteric subjects such as kundalini, alchemy, sex and prayer. Each chapter is augmented with reference from other major world religious traditions, particularly those of devotional Hinduism and tantric Buddhism. These volumes taken all together represent a gold mine of spiritual literature.

(Only available after acquisition of volumes I and II)

Volumes III and IV topics include: The Practice of Assertion; Enquiry; Nonduality and Guru Yoga; Divine Alchemy; The ?Work?; Kundalini; Sexual Yoga; The Heart Breath; the Ordinary Body; Solar Light; the Written Word; Music; Sacred Use of Food; Sacrifice; Wisdom and Adoration; The Guru as Devotee; Prayer.

Hohm Sahaj Mandir Study Manuals 3 & 4