Discover the Hidden Advantages of Stress

Hohm Press

Pages: 224 pages
Size: Paperback, 5 X 7 inches
ISBN: 978-1-942493-40-2

The vast majority of “stress less” books are concerned with the modern problem of too much stress and how to reduce it. Not this one Confident Under Pressure is about the advantages of stress, clarifying the critical role that intentionally engaged stress plays in personal and professional development.

Author Rick Lewis makes his living by putting leaders, executives and organizational teams into challenging situations to help them see the habitual ways they respond to stress. He then offers unique guidance in the practice of “stress production,” rather than stress reduction – revealing how to make a dynamic turnaround, an attitude of YES to stress.

Confident Under Pressure weaves colorful personal stories, recent neuroscience, the research of human performance experts, and the inspiration of leading business executives into a compelling and lucid argument for moving toward stress, conflict and change in order to become more creative, effective and happy in life, on the way to making our highest contribution in the world. The result is an eminently readable and practical book that anyone can use, at home, on the job, and in one-on-one relationships.


The most useful book of the decade.

-John Miller, CEO, Denny's Restaurants


Lewis will gently, and entertainingly, guide you to tap the confidence streak you were born with.

–Tracy Todd, PhD, CEO, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy


Fun, sensible, full of engaging stories, it’s already helped me steer around a few major potholes of parenting anxiety. Buy it and take the help!

– Robin Jones, Former VP Programming, Radio Disney Worldwide

Confident Under Pressure