To Free the Mind From All Conditioning

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Pages: 160 pages
Size: Paperback, 5.5 X 8.5 inches
ISBN: 978-1-890772-53-6

J. Krishnamurti remains one of the world’s greatest philosophers and teachers. He deeply understands the operation of the human mind — particularly how our thinking lies at the root of all violence and suffering. In this series of 8 previously unpublished lectures, he discusses a world in which booming productivity and scientific advancement should promise a happy future, but don’t. He asks his listeners to consider that we are merely substituting comfortable myths for our fears, and living as if these myths were true.

 This book patiently explains how to examine our assumptions; how to question our “conditioned” beliefs, and ultimately how to listen for truth…both within and from the world around us. As One Is offers readers a rare opportunity to gain greater self-understanding, and clarity in the midst of confusion. Krishnamurti offers a means to transform thinking and hence our relationship to life.

“It seems to me that our many problems cannot be solved except through a fundamental revolution of the mind, for such a revolution alone can bring about the realization of that which is truth. Therefore, it is important to understand the operation of one’s own mind, not self-analytically or introspectively, but by being aware of its total process; and that is what I would like to discuss during these talks.”J. Krishnamurti


“In my own life Krishnamurti influenced me profoundly and helped me personally break through the confines of my own self-imposed restrictions to my freedom.”

– Deepak Chopra, M.D. 


“It was like listening to a discourse of the Buddha — such power, such intrinsic authority....”

– Aldous Huxley, 1961 


“I know of no other living man whose thought is more inspiring.”

– Henry Miller

As One Is