Recollections of Lee Lozowick from Students and Friends
Hohm Press

ISBN: 978-1-942493-92-9
Biography / Memoir
Paper; 180 pages; 5 ½ x 8 ½; $21.95
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The many individuals who anonymously contributed to this book had one thing in common. Each one met (in person or in dreams) and spent time with (sometimes hours, sometimes decades) the American-born spiritual teacher, Lee Lozowick (1943-2010). This is not a chronological collection, nor a compilation of dharmic teachings. It is rather a testimony to a human being who devoted his life to the benefit of others. Not necessarily to their worldly accomplishments although he was a passionate advocate for our success in various arts, and our business ventures but primarily to the realization of our true nature, the possibility of surrender to and love for God, and the liberation from the prison of our limitations.

Many words and phrases have been used to describe this man Lee including “Indian saint,” as applied by his own spiritual master, Yogi Ramsuratkumar, the beggar-saint of Tiruvannamalai, South India; “Anjenaya,” a name for the deity Hanuman who was ever faithful to his beloved Lord Rama; and “Khépa,” which means “mad for the Divine.” Some descriptors indicated Lee’s fierceness with ego. Others captured his crazy-wisdom approach or demeanor in everything from his mode of dress (in wearing used items picked out of a recycled clothing bin) to his rock n’ roll persona, so lavishly displayed as a singer in his rock bands (LGB or liars, gods and beggars and his European group, the Lee Lozowick Project), along with his blues band (SHRI). They referred to his uncompromising and often loudly enunciated stand for the purity of the teaching, especially within the coterie of new-age wannabe-yogis and yoginis, whose empty promises filled the spiritual magazines of his day and attracted thousands of gullible seekers to their programs.

The reader here will find less of the fierce and more of the simply kind. Less of the crazy and more of the shockingly generous. Less of the uncompromising and more of the quietly surrendered Lee. This book is a tapestry of sorts, a patchwork jacket, full of the many different colors that this wisdom teacher, Lee, wore and shared. Taken together, they create an intimate display of an extraordinary ordinary man. A man who, in his own words, wanted to be remembered as one who “made us laugh.”

Regina Sara Ryan, editor, was the Managing Editor for Hohm Press, and a 30-year student of Lee Lozowick. She edited many of his talks to create several books of his teachings, including The Alchemy of Transformation, The Alchemy of Love and Sex, Conscious Parenting and Just This, 365. Regina lives at Triveni ashram in Paulden, Arizona

Remembering Lee