Moving Beyond Body Image to Wholeness & Freedom

Hohm Press

Pages: 168 pages
Size: Paperback, 6 X 9 inches
ISBN: 978-1-942493-45-7

Christina Sell knows the difference between a surface buzz in the yoga business (for a better, more beautiful “ME”), and its roots as an ancient practice of ethical life and spiritual transformation. With over twenty-five years “on the mat,” her voice of courage and sanity has never stopped urging yoga students and teachers alike to take a deeper dive: to confront media hype about body image and the promise of any quick-fix in favor of a lifelong commitment to wholeness and freedom. This book is a practical guide to ongoing self-discovery.

As a former gymnast who dealt with eating disorders and addictions in her early years, Christina knows how to redirect thoughts and habits of negative body image toward spiritual practice and inner-awakening. A Deeper Yoga is for any practitioner or teacher who wants tools and support in finding a loving, expanded relationship with his or her body, mind, emotions and spirit. Newer yoga students will benefit from the compassionate explanations of the inner journey and find direction in building a stronger foundation of practice. Experienced yoga practitioners will find a refreshing and honest exploration of both the hype and the heart of the work. Teachers of all traditions will benefit from the ongoing reminder that yoga is not only for the body, but for transformation of consciousness and spiritual unfolding.

Topics of body image, self-hatred, eating disorders, addiction and emotional imbalance are considered throughout. Christina skillfully dismantles the illusions and early conditionings that lead to unrealistic norms of perfection and empower a media-driven standard of beauty. A Deeper Yoga offers an alternative view of genuine beauty.

A Book for Yoga practitioners and teachers, particularly women over thirty-five, and type-A, and those who have been practicing for over five years. A necessary addition for all public libraries, Yoga studios, weight-loss clinics and meditation centers.


Christina Sell is the most effective Hatha Yoga teacher out there, in my experience. She brings that same efficacy to the page. Her written work is not about yoga—it is yoga. This book is an invitation to live the life of yoga, the only life worth living in my world.  —Darren Rhodes, author: Yoga Resource; founder, Yogahour; Yogaglo teacher.

A Deeper Yoga