Michael Menager holds degrees in English and Applied Linguistics  from California State University and San Francisco State University. He has lived and taught in Algeria, in Yugoslavia (as a Junior Fulbright Lecturer), and in the San Francisco Bay area where he worked with Asian war refugees. His extensive travels have taken him through Northern Africa, Western and Eastern Europe, the British Isles and Mexico. In 1987 Menager migrated to Australia where he has worked with and taught youth, Aboriginals and migrants. He currently lives in a rural setting on the coast of New South Wales, where he writes, studies, and performs as a guitarist and singer with a blues band. Apart from academics has always had an amateur interest in writing, having published scattered poems and bits of writing privately over the years; more recently has done some professional editing and proofreading for Hohm Press. In The Shadow Of Greatness is his first full-length book project. He is currently working on another.