Karuna Fedorschak trained as an archeologist in New Jersey. She met her spiritual teacher Lee Lozowick in the mid-1970s. Moving with her husband, Vijaya, to Arizona in 1980 with Lee’s earliest students, she dedicated herself to the support of the community and teaching as a practitioner, bookkeeper, cook, indexer and editor. Karuna had an evocative singing voice and was a vocalist in liars, gods and beggars, the first band founded by Lee. She later formed a duo band, Small Change, which produced two albums (Small Change and No Regrets) in which she arranged music, played guitar, and sang. She had two children with Vijaya and is author of Parenting: A Sacred Task and co-editor of Pay Attention and Remember, Early Teachings of Lee Lozowick. Karuna died gracefully in 2020.