Judith Jones-Ambrosini has lived under the influence of Type 1 diabetes since 1962. Diabetes has guided her down many winding roads and pathways, one of which has led to involvement and advocacy for empowering those with diabetes through sports and exercise. She herself is a distance walker. Her first marathon was in Denmark in 2005. She walks the 32-mile rim of Manhattan Island every spring, and is a dedicated proponent and practitioner of daily exercise including dance, strength training, cycling, gardening, flexibility/balance as well as being a teacher and practitioner of t’ai chi. Judith has been writing about food, healthy lifestyle and diabetes for newspapers, magazines and websites since 1992. She lives with her husband and family in Greenwich Village, NY and spends getaway time in a small quiet town on the Jersey Shore. The Sisterhood of Diabetes is her first book.

website:  www.thesisterhoodofdiabetes.com

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