The Way of the Western Warrior

Hohm Press

Size: 3-CD Set, 4 hours
UPC : 6-85747-035227

Ethics, chivalry, martial arts practice and the Samurai code Kishido includes them all, skillfully, even mysteriously, blending the customs and practices of both East and West. Fifty short essays, each containing numerous seeds of wisdom, gently orient the reader to this unique form and practice. The author interweaves the essence of his years of training with an unnamed Japanese master, the founder of Kishido, throughout, offering a fresh, first-person perspective.
Kishido, as Hobart explains it, is different from other martial traditions and from the common approach to modern life in general:
  • Kishido is an inclusive approach, drawing influences from varied sources
  • Kishido suggests the indirect path to the achievement of goals
  • Kishido prioritizes subtlety and nuance instead of the direct application of force.
  • Kishido practice allows for short-term association

These characteristics make Kishido philosophy and practice eminently usable in personal relationships, in business and other professional communications, and in the political arena. Also available in print version