Spring 2017 New Releases

Women Challenge the Lie

8 Radical Moves to Get Beyond
“Never Good Enough”

by Regina Sara Ryan and Shinay Tredeau

Women Challenge the Lie… is an invitation for women of all ages to confront the “Never Good Enough” — a common subtext of modern life that undermines their appreciation of inherent beauty and goodness. The authors recommend 8 Radical Moves, to take alone or ideally in the good company of other women, to meet this challenge, and thereby sustain and deepen this commitment to selfunderstanding and compassion.







Fall 2016 New Releases

Zen & Karma

The Story of Chandidas & Rami ~ A Novel

by Mary Angelon Young

This book recounts the legendary love story of Chandidas and Rami, 14th-century Bengalis. He is a young Brahmin priest who renounces his caste status to become an heretical poet-musician wandering the byways of India with a small band of mystics and bards. Rami is a beautiful 20-year-old widow, of low caste, living with her two children.

Parenting Through Illness

Parenting Through Illness

Help for Families When a Parent Is Seriously Ill

by Leigh Collins, LCSW and Courtney Nathan, LCSW

Moms and Dads get sick too, oftentimes seriously. Their lives and those of the rest of the family can change radically, and quickly. This book, Parenting Through Illness, offers immediate, practical and experienced advice for adult family members and others responsible for the wellbeing of children in such times of crisis.



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