Spring 2014 New Release

In Praise of Adya Kali

In Praise of Adya Kali
by Aditi Devi

In Praise of Adya Kali details the goddess Kali, and her culture of devotion in West Bengal and South Asia. Different from most contemporary books about this Dark Goddess, this book offers a liturgy of worship—a spiritual practice, the Song of the Hundred Names of Adya Kali, that readers can use to cultivate a direct devotional relationship to Kali.

In Praise of Adya Kali is also a context-setting guide, establishing this practice as a general orientation to life. Most compelling, the text of this liturgy and Commentaries contain an intimate revelation of how the goddess establishes herself in her devotees’ bodies and thus intervenes, by unconditional love and acceptance, in their lives.


Fall 2013 New Releases

The Matrix of Yoga

The Matrix of Yoga Teachings, Principles and Questions
by Georg Feuerstein & Brenda Feuerstein

This book offers novice Yoga practitioners a solid foundation on which to begin or build their personal practice. Written by two highly-respected Yoga teachers and scholars in the West—Georg Feuerstein and his wife Brenda Feuerstein— the book will also augment Yoga teacher trainings, and provide current Yoga teachers with an invaluable text to use with or recommend to their new students.

Yoga stands for spiritual discipline, as it was developed in India over thousands of years. This is the focus and purpose of The Matrix of Yoga: to provide a simple introduction to the authentic teachings of Yoga. While Yoga traditionally included physical postures, this was just one aspect of practice. Mental discipline was counted as far more important. Above all, Yoga was wrapped into an overall spiritual framework. Every single discipline had the purpose of helping the practitioner to grow toward inner (or spiritual) freedom.

Sweet Sorrows

Sweet Sorrows Selected Poems of Sheikh Farideddin Attar Neyshaboori
Renditions by Vraje Abramian

For anyone interested in Sufism in particular, or mystical understanding in general, Attar’s works are indispensable. His influence on later giants, such as the mystic poet Jalaleddin Rumi, is well documented.

Attar is mostly known in the West for his Biographies of the Saints, and for Conference of the Birds; but he has also produced a number of other masterpieces well-known among lay persons and Sufi practitioners in Iran, and in cultures influenced by the Persian language. Sweet Sorrows is the first compilation of Attar’s lesser-known works in English. The translator, Vraje Abramian, has selected 350 short verses that cover a wide range of Attar’s poetic moods—from somewhat satirical and humorous to tender and heartbreaking.

2014 Spiritual Slavery Calendar 2014 Spiritual Slavery Calendar

2014 Spiritual Slavery Calendar

A Celebration of the Guru-Devotee Relationship based on the book, Spiritual Slavery, A Biography of Lee Lozowick, Volume I: The Years of Milk and Honey, 1975-1980, Parts One, Two and Three, by M. Young.

Lee Lozowick (1943-2010) was an American spiritual leader whose teaching reached thousands of people in North America, Europe, and India since his spiritual awakening in 1975. Lee left a collection of rich, multivalent teachings that convey the author’s tenderness, affection, wisdom and faith. Lee was the spiritual heart-son of his master, Yogi Ramsuratkumar, visionary, and Baul khepa.

Thirteen full color photos, one for each month, plus cover, highlight striking images of Lee Lozowick in the first 5 years of his teaching work with his students.

Heart To Heart
Heart To Heart 2

Heart To Heart, by Jeff Goelitz & Elyse April, illustrations by Laura Stagno

This is a book about conscious and conscientious childraising. Heart to Heart shares inspirational and yet practical information to help parents and caregivers of young children to lessen their stress and establish healthier communication in their relationships with the children they are responsible to, and love. Uniquely, designed as a children’s book, it encourages adults and children to consider together how they can deepen their bonds of love through care, active listening and genuine attention. Picture books as a medium for parenting education are particularly useful, as they are fast and easy to read, and generally light-hearted, a fact most appreciated by busy and over stressed parents.

Co-authored with Jeff Goelitz of the international Heart Math Institute, this book addresses issues that are integral to a child’s sense of acceptance and security. In an age when bullying in the playground and at school assail our kids, and terrifying news reports bombard their lives, the need has never been greater for parents to commit themselves to giving the highest quality of care and attention to their children as is possible. Children need the sanctuary, the safety, that conscious parenting invites.