Spring 2015 New Releases

Conscious Parenting Workbook

A Companion and Study Guide to Conscious Parenting by Lee Lozowick

by Bhadra Mitchell with Nancy Lewis, Karuna Fedorschak, Christine McMasters & Matthew Files

This Workbook is the companion volume to Conscious Parenting by Lee Lozowick (Hohm Press, 2010) and is designed be a useful map for parents, prospective parents and child-care-givers on this adventure. The Workbook (like Conscious Parenting itself) aims to assist readers in aligning with a big view of the subject—an overall context from which to parent and educate.

Finding More on the Mat

Finding more on the mat
How I Grew Better, Wiser and Stronger through Yoga

by Michelle Berman Marchildon

Finding More On the Mat is about practicing yoga as an invitation to live up to our potential as human beings. The yoga mat becomes a catalyst for transformation. The author assures her readers that, in assuming a yoga pose it is not necessarily the shape of the body that counts. Rather, what matters is the chance to create an offering of the highest intention in our hearts. Practicing becomes our path, as we grow not just older, but better, wiser and stronger.

No Fear Zen

no fear zen
Discovering Balance in an Unbalanced World

by Richard Collins

No Fear Zen presents an approach to Zen practice that focuses on concentration and sitting (shikantaza) as a discipline that can be practiced in everyday life with the dedication of the samurai. And in a world that requires bravery and decisive action in addition to generosity and compassion, we can learn much from the now-extinct samurai in creating a new kind of warrior for peace in the twenty-first century. While some practices focus on compassion and mindfulness as the goals of Zen practice, No Fear Zen contends that these are outcomes that occur naturally, spontaneously, and automatically from right practice without any goal or object whatsoever.

Self Remembering

self remembering
The Path to Non-Judgmental Love

by Red Hawk

Self Remembering: The Path to Non-Judgmental Love is a companion piece to the author's previous book Self Observation: The Awakening of Conscience, also from Hohm Press,which is fast becoming a classic. Taken together, they present the most detailed examination of the practice available in English. Red Hawk clearly points out that self remembering is only one half of a foundational spiritual practice called "self observation/self remembering." Where other authors/teachers have gone wrong in the past is to take only one half of this practice and consider it the whole, entire unto itself.


Fall 2014 New Releases

The Baul Tradition

The Baul Tradition
Sahaj Vision East & West
by M. Young
Foreword by Parvathy Baul

This book traces the Baul Path, a Tantric spiritual tradition, from its earliest roots in the subcontinent of India, to its dissemination in the West in modern times.

In the East, for centuries, Baul bards and yogis wandered the dusty roads of Bengal singing and dancing with joy in praise of God. Their poetry-songs uplifted ordinary people, transporting all above the daily grind for survival and into a direct experience of the sublime.

Mother Guru

Mother Guru
Savitri Love Poems
by Red Hawk

Mother Guru is a collection of refined devotional poetry in the tradition of Hafiz and Rumi—whose poems of love continue to inspire millions throughout the world. The fact that this poetry appears in contemporary dress is more gracious still.

The author, Red Hawk, is a widely published and award-winning poet, professor of English at the University of Arkansas, at Monticello. He is also an unabashed disciple of a great contemporary Master, Mister Lee Lozowick (1943- 2010), and one who is willing to bare that discipleship in poetry written as prayer, expressly for and with his guru in mind and heart. In this sense, Mother Guru is a daring book and courageous, as the author overlooks scholarly reputation, Trusting rather in the love that infuses what he writes. He also risks the opprobrium of those who limit the expression of the spiritual to sweet words and lofty sentiments.

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