Spring 2016 New Releases

Zen & Karma

Zen & Karma

by Taisen Deshimaru Roshi

Taisen Deshimaru (1914-1982) was a Japanese Zen Master, and the individual largely responsible for bringing Soto Zen to Europe.This second edition of his book The Voice of the Valley, first issued in 1979, contains the pure Deshimaru vintage-teaching.


The Rainbow Feelings of Cancer

The Rainbow Feelings of Cancer


A Book for Children Who Have a Loved One with Cancer

by Chia and Carrie Martin

This is the book that was born of the deepening relationship between mother Chia and daughter Carrie Martin when Chia was diagnosed with cancer. More than a book about cancer, this is a book about expressing feelings, how essential that is, and sometimes how scary it can be. In the end, this is a book that opens the door to appreciating the rainbow feelings inside of ourselves.


Nos Gusta Amamantar

Nos Gusta Amamantar / We Like to Nurse


by Chia Martin (Author), Shukyo Linn Mithuna (Illustrator)

This bilingual children’s picture book is the Board Book version of Hohm Press’s highly successful We Like to Nurse. A classic in the field, with over 300,000 books sold to date, this book draws attention to our kinship with all mammals, using simple text and showing delightful full-color illustrations of animal mothers naturally feeding their babies.


Fall 2015 New Releases

Self Remembering

self remembering
The Path to Non-Judgmental Love

by Red Hawk

Self Remembering: The Path to Non-Judgmental Love is a companion piece to the author's previous book Self Observation: The Awakening of Conscience, also from Hohm Press,which is fast becoming a classic. Taken together, they present the most detailed examination of the practice available in English. Red Hawk clearly points out that self remembering is only one half of a foundational spiritual practice called "self observation/self remembering." Where other authors/teachers have gone wrong in the past is to take only one half of this practice and consider it the whole, entire unto itself.

Finding More on the Mat

Finding more on the mat

How I Grew Better, Wiser and Stronger through Yoga

by Michelle Berman Marchildon

Finding More On the Mat is about practicing yoga as an invitation to live up to our potential as human beings. The yoga mat becomes a catalyst for transformation. The author assures her readers that, in assuming a yoga pose it is not necessarily the shape of the body that counts. Rather, what matters is the chance to create an offering of the highest intention in our hearts. Practicing becomes our path, as we grow not just older, but better, wiser and stronger.

Saved From Enlightenment


The Memoir of an Unlikely Devotee

by Tarini Bauliya

Saved from Enlightenment is the memoir of one woman's life viewed through the lens of her relationship with her spiritual teacher of over twenty years. Her candid, touching and humorous stories are told in a voice that is authentic, wry and irreverent, yet always colored with the note of longing for God that characterized her quest for something "real" from earliest childhood.


Winds of Grace

winds of grace

Poetry, Stories and Teachings of Sufi Mystics and Saints

compiled and translated by Vraje Abramian

Drawing from the most authentic texts available in the original Persian/Farsi language, Vraje Abramian offers this extensive collection of stories, teachings and poetry from major saints, mystics and sages in the history and evolution of Sufism.



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