Poems by Red Hawk
Hohm Press

Pages: 80 pages
Size: Paperback, 5.5 X 8.5 inches
ISBN: 978-1-942493-47-1

In this compilation of 58 short poems, the poet skillfully describes those qualities of heart, mind and action that characterize the awakening of “the Feminine” within both man and woman. As the Feminine is awakened, the “Mother Spirit” emerges in each one, displaying nurturance, kindness, gentleness, generosity, cooperation, and forgiveness of self and others. The Way of the Wise Woman is a catalog of such “Feminine” virtues and behaviors and a series of contemplations to be studied, prayed and enjoyed for their poetic beauty.

Not a book for women only! This is a book for all weary pilgrims on the Path of spirit, particularly those who lament that, after long years of hard work or practice, the “breakthrough” still eludes.

The Wise Woman finds her refuge within;
she does not dream of a savior
who will rescue her from sin,
but takes responsibility for her behavior,
and works within herself to atone.
Still, she does not work alone
but with others who, like her, begin
the long slow relentless labor
to sail the stormy seas of the unknown
until she reaches the still, calm inner harbor.

As a training-manual, the poems are often far from sweet whisperings. The Feminine, as the poet proclaims, is also fierce, strong, ruthlessly honest, and confrontive as well as supportive. This collection may well serve to guide the seeker in self-examination as the poems encourage a refined vision of “what is,” of “what is possible,” and a growing sense of the presence and attention needed to enter the halls of wisdom.

A book for seekers on all spiritual and psychological paths, and for readers of Red Hawk’s previous books, including Self-Observation and Self Remembering. A treasured acquisition for yoga groups, women’s studies circles, lovers of poetry, and any libraries.

The Way of the Wise Woman